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What can we do for you, exactly?

Well,It solely depends on you that what kind of services do you need from us. We provide unbeatable matrimonial services at reasonable charges.Apart from this we can help you in promoting your business and serve as a media between you and the masses. We can offer you excellent business solutions, partnership (if we considered it appropriate in your case) and search engine optimization, and even some free services like Matripedia to get social and find your better half absolutely for free.

Do we have any other branch across the state?

No.Although we are about to open our second branch soon, Currently we are operating only from our head office situated in Anandpuri, Patna.

How do we stand apart from other marriage bureaus?

Ask our clients.Shubhlabh is driven by trust and has committment in it's foundation. Unlike other matrimonial services our priority is customer satisfaction and not the money. we first give you a demo of our service only then ask you for membership that is very much affordable.

Have we emerged overnight?

Absolutely not.It took over 12 years to take shubhlabh to the height it is today. The most valuable asset we have earned in these years is strust.